At Grace Covenant Academy,

we partner with parents.

As parents, we all have dreams for our children. 

We dream for a safe and happy childhood, a good education, and perhaps, for our children to attend excellent universities, so they can develop successful careers and enjoy fulfilling lives. But, what if God has called us to something much more precious than that?   

What if His plan for them is much more than a job, but a calling – a calling to know Him personally and to use their gifts for His glory and kingdom? What if His plan was to use you, as parents, as the primary means to help discover that relationship and calling?

Grace Covenant Academy was started in order to help families like yours fulfill their calling.  We partner with parents in God’s mission of discipling and educating their children.  

At GCA, we provide a gospel-centered environment that encourages parents, and equips children to be life-long learning, college ready, disciples of Jesus Christ! 

Our mission statement

Grace Covenant Academy exists to equip Christian parents to disciple their children to know God and make Him known, through a distinctly Christian education.

Our history

Grace is God’s favor to the undeserving – and God has richly displayed his grace to GCA throughout our history.  

Early in 2009, six local homeschooling families were overwhelmed with the demands of life and education.  Consumed with creating curricula, lesson plans, and the constant concern about whether they were achieving their academic goals, these families struggled with how to balance the demands of education and parenting. 

They came together to create something new - a school that would combine the important elements of parental mentorship and excellent academic education. Their desire was to serve North Texas families by carrying some of the burden of schooling (freeing parents to major on what they were called to do) and so Grace Covenant Academy was born!

Grace + Covenant + Academy

The name Grace Covenant Academy represents the founding families' commitment to three things. 

Grace represents our belief in the life-changing power of the gospel, the primary context and reason for education.  The founding families believed that the grace of Jesus Christ should inform all areas of our lives. 

Covenant represents our commitment to work together as a community. These families “covenanted together” to build a viable school community. 

Academy represents our desire for an academically rigorous education that creates college-worthy students.  Their goal from the beginning was to develop clear thinking, articulate students who can represent Christ in a lost world.

Today, our name reminds us of our heritage, and encourages us to proceed in the vision set out by our founding “covenant” families. 

School information & statistics

Founded: 2009

Students in 2015: 98

Students in 2016: 112

Students in 2017: 127

Students in 2018: 158

Accreditation and Memberships:

  • Certified member of University-Model® Schools International

  • Accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

  • Approved for NCAA eligibility

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Parent testimonials

When our oldest was about to start kindergarten, we heard about Grace Covenant Academy through some friends. We had a highly regarded public school around the corner from us, but we had also considered home schooling our son.  When we became aware of the University School Model, it seemed to be a great mix of all of our schooling options. Beckett was able to have a faith based education, and Courtney was able to instruct him at home.

Our family loves GCA. We have enjoyed watching our child grow and learn so much in the curriculum, but more importantly in his faith.  Beckett loves the teachers, staff, and students. It feels like a family. We encourage and pray for each other. GCA truly comes beside you and gives you resources and tools to lead your family well. We are thankful that there is a school like Grace Covenant Academy. — Matt and Courtney Rakes attend Providence Church in Frisco

Due to relocation, our family has been in three different University-Model schools in the past three years. Once we knew that we would permanently land in Frisco, we began the hunt for a new school for our son, Mac.

We are so grateful for finding GCA. Not only have we loved the emphasis on great education from a Christian worldview, but the tight-knit community at GCA has made the school one of the best fits for our family. Our son has made long lasting relationships, not just during the school day, but throughout the week as well.

As parents, we have also developed friendships with families from GCA. To do life with like-minded individuals is an added blessing to our family. We cannot say enough about GCA. Clint and Kami Collins are planting Free Church in Frisco.

The Lord laid it on our hearts to seek out an educational model that would offer our children a strong biblical world view. We sought an educational model that would also enrich our children’s lives through their academics and challenge them to meet and exceed their academic abilities.  It was also important for us to find a place that encourages and offers support to parents in their God-given role to be the central figure in their children’s lives. Teaching them, guiding them, developing their character, and raising them to serve the Lord are all very important to us. 

This appeared to be a tall order indeed. Yet, three years ago, we found all of this and so much more here at Grace Covenant Academy.  We often refer to GCA as Frisco’s best kept secret when sharing our excitement about our school with others. And while it’s not really a secret, it is a place that offers families all of the best of both worlds and we want others to know it.

Since we enrolled at GCA, our children have experienced phenomenal growth, both academically and personally. While there is no doubt that the high academic standards and the amazingly talented teachers and staff have added to this fact, it is our children’s growth in their character and growth in their relationship with the Lord that has been most satisfying as parents.

To know that not only are our children taking in a vigorous, college ready, strong academic program, they are also learning and growing spiritually as they develop their academics gives us a great peace. All of this with our participation and involvement as we strive to honor our commitment and responsibility as their parents. It truly is education at its finest!

Ultimately, we feel strongly that Grace Covenant Academy has been a game changer for our family. It has given us the amazing opportunity to educate our children in a way that meets all of our family needs. — Beau and Debra Rolfe attend Prestonwood Baptist Church.