Future of GCA: Part 1

Author: Brian Smith

A Welcome Surprise

Twenty-three years ago, in the dead of night, my otherwise loving bride jolted me out of a deep sleep with a well-placed elbow into my unsuspecting rib cage saying that something “had broken,” or “broke” or…

My hand glanced over the wet mattress next to me, and I realized what had “broke.”  Suddenly fully awake, I leapt out of bed in anticipation! As Amy changed into dry clothes, I grabbed the bag that had been sitting by the door for the past 2 weeks. Arm in arm, we waddled to the car, excitement clearing away the sleep in our eyes.

The day had finally come!

I don’t remember a lot about the drive – except the palpable anticipation we felt punctuated by sudden bursts of pain and pressure. We rushed into the hospital, up to the room, and on to the bed, ready to deliver our first child.

Nothing really prepares you for what is going to happen next…

The contractions started coming – fast and furious. But those pesky “centimeters” stayed the same. “Back labor,” a nurse said; all of the fun, none of the progress. I stepped up to the plate, ready to deliver my husbandry duties of breathing coach. It was a disaster. A nurse had to intervene to rescue my poor wife .

Labor finally gave way to delivery and out popped the head of a beautiful baby (with the help of an epidural and a well-placed suction cup).  It really is true, you don’t remember the hardship once the baby is in your arms. 

As you might have guessed, the correlation to this story is that we too at GCA are experiencing a kind of labor in anticipation of a “birth.” Excitement and anticipation are in the air! 

Future Growth

This year marks the beginning of our high school, starting the school year with 12 students.  Our athletic programs are forming with basketball starting in the Fall.  We are offering our first online classes, including a dual enrollment class with Colorado Christian University.  Our staff is growing, we’ve seen new families join our school community and we’re in need of a new building that will provide us room to grow.  With changes like these, we are trying to lay strong foundations for future GCA students. 

While we are still planning what this will look like, we are committed to both keeping the school culture we enjoy and developing a fully-formed University Model School. 

As with any delivery, labor must come first – and it can be unpredictable. We’ve planned and prepared -- but ultimately, we need help from the One who loves and leads us. And we need your help too. 


As we strive to lay the foundations for the future of the school, we’ve developed a 30-30-20 plan – with a goal to raise $30,000 through donations, $30,000 through fundraising, and to increase enrollment by 20 new students next year (and the following years.)  

We believe this will provide the financial footing we need to make the leap into the future.  Raising these funds should enable us to build the high school, find a new facility, and hire the staff we need to move forward. Additionally, it should help us provide more technological resources (computers and online classes), provide fun and community-building experiences for our families and students, and lastly, provide a school that will be here to help disciple students for years to come

It’s our labor year.  Will you join us this year in “birthing” the next chapter of our GCA community?  It will be exciting!  It may be exhausting.  But most assuredly it will be rewarding.

Check back next week, where I’ll share some more specifics about the future of GCA, and how the 30-30-20 plan will impact the school.