Future of GCA: Part 3

Author: Brian Smith

Life with little ones is, well, an adventure.

Honestly, I remember very little of those days (I’m sure sleep deprivation has a lot do with that) but, I do remember that it was a varying mixture of exhilaration, exhaustion, frustration, and reward. 

When we started having kiddos, Amy and I began with our first daughter and then added twins in the space of 20 months.  Life was definitely skewed on the exhausting side.  It was an ironic catch 22.  On the one hand, you had to be hyper-vigilant, all-hands-on deck all the time.  On the other hand, your level of fatigue was so high, you could barely keep your eyes, much less your attention, focused on anything for long.  I’m certain this is when I developed ADD.

One aspect I particularly remember about having little ones was the dent it put in your discretionary living space.  At the time, we had a small Renault hatchback that was not designed to accommodate 3 baby seats simultaneously.  I distinctly remember our seat-placing ritual.  Amy would take one side and get 2 of the girls in.  I would take the other side.  After splitting up the twins to avert needless arguments, I would buckle in the last girl, push hard on the baby seat and — wham — quickly slam the door! It would usually take a few tries before we could successfully close the door. We knew our old Renault was not a long term vehicle for our family, and we were finally able to upgrade to a mini-van.

Bursting at the seams

If you’ve been in the school recently, you can see the old “slam-the-door-before-it-all-falls-out” principle.  We are literally bursting at the seams.  It’s exhilarating. It’s exhausting.  And we’re rapidly running out of space. 

For the last 3 years, we have been planning on expanding to a new location.  While those plans have needed to be updated several times, we are prayerfully on the brink of finalizing our new location.

Please pray for the school board and for our direction. We are in negotiations with 2 local churches near our current location that offer a larger space and more accommodations.  We want to plant ourselves in the location, and with the partner that God has called us to. 

Regardless of where we go, we know it will stretch our faith.  God has graciously provided for the school in the area of a discounted rent over the last 6 years.  But we expect our occupancy rates to increase 50% or more for each of the next few years until we are paying what the market requires. 

In addition to a larger space, our new location will also better accommodate our growing Upper School (7-12 grade.)  These grades require more rooms for the diverse classes needed for our older students.  A few years ago, we housed the whole K-8 in 6 classes.  Next year, we’ll need 12-14.  These increased costs are some of the main reasons we have developed the 30-30-20 plan to raise money for the needs of the school’s future.  

Please pray

Again, please pray.  We need God’s wisdom to choose the right location.  And we need God’s help to find the growing number of qualified Christian teachers to teach our students. 

This is an exciting adventure! Please join with us as we follow God in His way for the school.