Visual Identity Guidelines


It's important that we all consistently use the same type faces. Below are the type faces that are approved to associate with GCA. 

Microsoft Office Based Communication (Word, PowerPoint, Etc.)

Primary Font: Helvetica Neue or Arial

Secondary Font: Baskerville

Font Usage: 

  • Headings - Baskerville
  • General writing - Helvetica Neue or Arial


Primary Font: Sans Seriff

Font Usage: 

  • Headings - Sans Seriff but bold
  • General writing - Sans Seriff 


Primary Font: Arial

Font Usage: 

  • Headings - Arial but bold
  • General writing - Arial 


Banner Overlay Font: Raleway

Page Text Font: Proxima Nova

Major Headings Font: Adobe Caslon Pro

Alternate Headings Font: Proxima Nova


Headlines and headers: Adobe Caslon Pro

Body Copy: Proxima Nova 


The official colors of the GCA brand are navy blue, red, white. Additional accent colors are black and silver/gray. 




Logo Rules

The logo may be used on GCA pieces. However, the logo must always be used in the following ways:

  • In a letter, the logo must appear at the top of the page, centered
  • In a flyer, or other document, the logo must appear at the bottom right hand corner of the page
  • The primary logo used should be the cross icon without the words "Grace Covenant Academy" 
  • The seal should never be used, except for official academic business (report cards, transcripts, etc. )