Investing In the future

As a non-profit organization we are fueled by the grace of God, prayer, and financial support from partners like you. As we partner with parents to make disciples, we need partners who can continue providing opportunities for students to study in this Gospel-centered environment. And as we prepare for the future, we're looking to build a network of donors and partners who can help our students succeed.

Growing a school like ours takes time, but it's a journey worth pursuing for the sake of discipling our students. Like any private academic institution, our primary need is financial. However, we are always looking for committed partners who will pray for us, volunteer their time, and apply their talents for the welfare of the school. If that sounds like something you're interested in, please let us know by submitting the appropriate form below. 


We need partners who are willing to pray for Grace Covenant Academy.  If you'd like to serve as a prayer partner, please click this link and sign up so that we can stay in touch. 


If you'd like to partner with us by providing your time as a volunteer whenever needed, please click the link below. We will reach out to you, gauge your time availability, and add you to our volunteer list. 


We are always looking for talented individuals who could help the Academy succeed. Whatever your talent, we are always looking for parents and community partners who will invest in the lives of our students. If you're interested in partnering with us by offering your talents in service, please click the link below and we'll let you the available opportunities!


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we are always looking for committed financial partners. It is our honor to receive your investment, as you invest in the lives of our students and families. The primary way financial partners can assist are through private donations to GCA. To learn more about our various donation and fundraising opportunities, click the appropriate button below. 

Refer a family

We're always looking for new families to join our Academy community. If you know any families/students who you think would fit within our school's culture, please refer them to us via the form below. We will reach out to them directly and determine how we could partner with them as they disciple and raise their children.