The GCA Brand

The Grace Covenant Academy brand is a young brand looking to make a splash in the Christian education world. The brand is based on the brand mantra, brand personality, and positioning statement. While building the GCA brand is important, ultimately we want our brand to honor Jesus Christ and bring Him glory.

Brand Mantra

The brand mantra is the heartbeat of our brand. It's kind of like our marketing constitution. The brand mantra summarizes what we're about and includes some of the things that make us unique (selling points). All of our messages should flow out of the brand mantra, and if it doesn't fit in with the brand mantra, then it shouldn't go out into the world with our name on it. 

Grace Covenant Academy is an equipping ministry disguised as a K-12 University-Model School. 
We are the perfect blend of flexibility and structure for Christian families who want to be more involved in their children's education. 
We are dedicated to discerning how God has uniquely crafted people so they can serve Him faithfully.
We are focused on innovatively preparing students for college and life.
We are committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we seek to love, disciple, and encourage all of our families in light of the Good News.
We strive for excellence in all things so that God will be glorified.
Together, we are a community partnering together to make disciples. 

Brand Personality

While the brand mantra gives us a framework, the brand personality helps us to communicate with a unique tone and voice. Essentially, this is the brand described in human character traits. 

While we never want to prey on emotions, we do want potential families to have an emotional reaction to our brand. The brand personality will help us to purposefully maintain the right tone that honors God, promotes the school, and establishes a connection with the audience.

Confident in the Gospel, in parents, and in our school 
Free in the Gospel
Joyful in God
Loving towards our families and community
Passionate about the Gospel, discipleship, education, and family growth
Thankful to God for His grace and our families

These traits also describe the type of feelings we want our audience to have when they engage with the school.

Confident in the Gospel, in GCA as a partner, and that they can disciple their kids by God's strength
Free in the Gospel to follow God imperfectly
Joy in God
Love for God and their family (a continually growing love)
Passion for the Gospel, discipleship, and lifelong learning
Thankful to God for a partner like GCA 

Positioning Objectives

Our positioning objectives help us clarify what makes GCA stick out compared to other schools. While we're not "competing" with other schools (in the sense that we want them to fail), we do want to recognize that every school has their own "flavor". And we hope that some families will prefer our flavor to others. These objectives help us communicate our flavor to our audience. 

  • Aspiring leader in Christian Education
  • Community dedicated to Christ and His Gospel
  • Academically excellent and college preparatory
  • Focused on preparing disciples, not merely scholars
  • Use education as a tool for a higher calling (know, love, and serve God)
  • Community dedicated to making disciples 

To make these objectives more succinct, the following positioning statement wraps all of these together.

GCA is a school where academics and discipleship are connected. Rather than settle for one, at GCA you can get both. We connect an academically excellent education with true, Biblical discipleship. We connect college and life preparation to a Gospel centered worldview. We connect the disciplines of scholarship with the heart of discipleship. When other schools make you choose one, GCA offers an alternative for you to have both: scholarship and discipleship. 

Benchmark Brand

Source: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

Source: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is the brand we want to grow up to be. Their communication pieces clearly show that they are serious about the Gospel and education. That's exactly what we want to try to do. We want to illustrate that we are serious about discipleship and providing an amazing education. 

What To Say

Depending on the family, you may want to emphasize different benefits of the GCA experience. For instance, a home school family who's looking for accountability and structure is going to have different needs than a public school family who wants a Bible-based education. We believe that GCA provides both academic excellence and discipleship, and we want to communicate that to all interested families. To that end, here are some ways you can spread the word about GCA.

What is GCA? Grace Covenant Academy is a private, Christian, University-Model School that focuses on providing a Gospel soaked, college preparatory education.

What is a University-Model School? University-Model Schools are a blend of private, public, and homeschooling. Basically, UMS schools take the college class structure of classes on 2-3 days per week and brings that into the K-12 format. This helps students prepare for college and keeps parents as a primary influence in their lives.

Who does GCA serve? Christian families who want to be more involved in discipling their kids. *Note, we are not only for home school families. The minimum required for a family to be a potential fit is that they have a desire to disciple their kids. Once we have that in common, we can try to show them the benefit of our model and of parental involvement in education*

Why should I go to GCA? What are the benefits? What is unique?

  1. University-Model provides a perfect blend of flexibility and structure for your family
  2. A partner in discipling your child. They'll bear the burden of education, encourage you when you are down, and support what you teach them at home.
  3. A Gospel soaked, academically excellent education that aims to prepare students for life and college
  4. Teachers and staff who are dedicated to loving and discipling their students
  5. A loving, gracious community of people partnering to make disciples

Overall message: Faithful parents. Flourishing families. Fruitful disciples.

When talking with families, you want to do your best to illustrate these 5 points. Additionally, the "Faithful, Flourishing, Fruitful" concept is a catchy, easy way to illustrate what we're about. We're about helping parents be faithful to their calling as disciple makers. We're about helping the family unit flourish. And we're about helping our students graduate as disciples who are able to be fruitful for the Lord.