Guest List

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Inspector Clueless

GCE has hired Inspector Clueless to lead the investigation. Don't count on him though. He doesn't have a clue!



Eccentric owner of Magenta's Theater and GCE's theater teacher. Completely unaware that Sly Silverton loves her from afar. Unfortunately, her affection is for Asher Grey. She loves the ordinary and sense of drabness he brings to her life. It gives her balance.

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Doctor Sadie Black

Dr. Black works at Cisco city hospital as an ER Doc. She was in the first graduating class at GCE. Nobody expected her to get far due to her constant shaking from anemia and frequent memory loss due to low vitamin D. Her patients wish she would take some iron and get some sunshine. Her adopted brother is Seymour Black.

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Seymour Black

Mr. Black is the town dry cleaner. It took him three tries to pass Chemistry at GCE. He hasn't quite got the hang of it and has to replace many clothes due to his inability to mix the chemicals properly. He highly recommends hand washing your clothes. Was engaged to Goldie Lawless but she dumped him when he burned her wedding dress. Was adopted at birth by the Black family. He has a biological identical twin, Moss Rhodes whom he shares a house with along with Gordon Goldwyn..


Moss Rhodes

Moss Rhodes owns the local used car dealership and has shady business dealings. Deputy Silverton is currently investigating Rhodes for insurance fraud. Unfortunately, he is the more successful identical twin brother of Seymour Black. (for both of them). They were separated at birth and he was adopted by Rhodes Family. He lives with Seymour and Gordon Goldwyn.


Professor Onyx Stone

Professor Stone teaches literature at GCE. Since GCE pays so poorly he lives with his mother, Starlight Stone, who runs every aspect of his life and her foreign exchange student, Ruby. He dreams of escaping.


Gordon Goldwyn

Mr. Goldwyn dropped out of GCE to take over his family jewelry business. School was difficult for him because he was unable to learn English. His family primarily spoke pig Latin at home. He has been known to sell stolen jewelry and is notorious for overpricing their items..


George Greenberg

Mr. Greenberg is the President of Cisco City Bank, the only bank in town. You could say he is in everyone's business.  He is married to Guinevere Greenberg, who plans our annual Gala. Mr. Greenberg feels his wife spends too much money. He likes to travel.

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Guinevere Greenberg

Married to George Greenberg. She is Tiffany Teal's sister. Was head cheerleader for GCE's first football team,homecoming queen, student body president and overall over achiever. She plans GCE's annual Fundraiser, The Gala, every year. Doesn't work but best friend with Goldie Lawless they drink sweet tea together every afternoon.


Tiffany Teal

Owns Breakfast at Tiffany's, the local diner. Has been in love with George Greenberg since the 5th grade and holds a grudge against Guinevere, her sister, for stealing him away. Tiffany feels her sister has been handed the world, while she has had to work hard to earn a living. She looks forward to the day things go bad for her sister.


Asher Grey

Mr. Grey Is the sole proprietor of a commercial janitorial service. He cleans Cisco City Bank, Magenta's Theater and even GCE late at night when the world is asleep. He grew up in Alaska, as a son of a gold prospector and is deaf in his left ear due to mine blasting. He keeps Magenta to his left when they are together.


Brick Bluebeard

Mr. Bluebeard owns Acme Construction. He has single handily built Cisco with his bare hands and know every nook and cranny of the town. He has worked hard but seems to have nothing to show for it. In fact, he always was so strapped for cash he would make his ex, Rose, pay for dinner. After she dumped him he vowed to better himself to win her back.Sapphire is his little sister.


Sapphire Bluebeard

Miss Bluebeard is the sister of Brick Bluebeard. She is the head teller at Cisco City Bank. It's hard for her to handle so much cash everyday, while she drives a 1976 Ford Pinto to work. Moss Rhodes told her it was a classic. It is not. She daydreams of owning something nice.


Violet Fields

Miss Fields grew up in Cisco, but moved away to live with her uncle in the big city. People lost touch with her and she re-emerged when she bought the boutique next door to Breakfast at Tiffany's. Her products are all natural soap and lotions and clothing made from hides and grasses.


Rose Busch

Miss Busch is the Chemistry teacher at GCE. She shares a class room with professor Stone, who leaves it a mess. Was college roommates with Sadie Black. She was dating Brick but broke up with him because, among other things, when she held hand his hand, it felt like sandpaper. Miss Busch wouldn't have any luck if she didn't have bad luck.


Deputy Sly Silverton

Deputy Sly Silverton works for City of Cisco Police Department. He has had a secret crush on Magenta since they both graduated from GCE tens years ago. He spends every night at her theater watching her show then races down three doors to start his 11pm shift. If he were a better detective, he would notice Magenta has eyes for someone else.


Ruby Hightower

Miss Hightower works part time at Magenta's Theater and taking tickets and as part of the final show. She is an experienced acrobat. She is an exchange student from Croatia and is hoping to earn enough to pull her family out of poverty. She is staying with Starlight Stone.

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Goldie Lawless

Mayor Of Cisco.  Was engaged to Seymour Black but he burned he wedding dress while dry cleaning it so she dumped him. Best friend is Guinevere Goldberg, who she drinks sweet tea with every afternoon. Goldie's deepest desire is to hostile takeover GCE and become Supreme Empress..


Indigo Rivers

Indigo was a former student at GCE but was kicked out when he blew up the chemistry lab due to careless safety procedures. Indigo is pretty careless and free. He freeloads off anyone who will let him.


Lacie Lawless

 Instead of being motivated and driven like her sister, Goldie, Lacie is fun loving and carefree. She has quit her day job and aspires to be the manager of the up and coming band " The Twinsees"


Starlight Stone

Cisco's town socialite, town gossip and mother of Professor Stone. Mrs. Stone is more controlling than loaded.