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Teacher/Staff news as of Sept 14:

EXPANDED INSTRUCTIONS ON WHEN TO GIVE A MAKEUP TEST and procedures for that (Upper School) are in the right column, below.

USE THE NEST: Please go to The Nest to stay informed. Alternatively, read Eagle Update and commit it to memory. ;-)

USE THE SCHOOL CALENDAR ONLINE: Refer to the calendar for upcoming dates to see how they will affect your lesson plans.

SCHOOL PICTURE DAY: Oct. 9 & 10. GCA Staff gets a 50% discount on photos purchased. If you want more than just yourself in a photo, you can wear clothing of your choice and bring family members after school (starting at 3 p.m.) Tuesday, Oct. 9.

GCA CAR WINDOW STICKER: If you would like to put a GCA window sticker on your car, email kim.martin@gcafrisco.org and I'll put one in your mailbox. If you want more than one, say so! They are free for GCA staff. We'd like for as many people as possible to sport GCA on their car!

ABSENCES AND TARDIES: PLEASE READ the updated section about absences and tardies in the section below this one.

EAGLE PREVIEWS: The next Eagle Preview will be 10 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 11.  Every teacher is required to attend at least one Eagle Preview a year. Arrive at 9:45 and greet parents in the lobby, answer questions, then stay in the presentation in Big D to introduce yourself and answer questions afterward. Lasts until about 11:15 including questions.

Please send  your GCA photos to: Photos@GCAFrisco.org

We need photos for the yearbook and announcement slides. Please send photos of any events you have recorded this school year to: Photos@GCAFrisco.org. We would greatly appreciate it!

Required attendance, all teachers:

  • All staff meetings, in-service, out-service, teacher training dates (In-service and out-service are August, January & May.)

  • Parent-teacher conferences and training sessions

  • Christmas and Spring performances

  • Graduations

  • All fund-raising events

  • One each of: Eagle Preview, Eagle 101, field trip or off-site student event, sporting event (Exception: Teachers who work a half day or less should attend one total of these four events.)

  • The next Eagle Preview will be 10 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 11. Just come. There is not a sign up right now.

Absences or Tardy Arrivals

ABSENCES: Do not mark anyone "present;" just leave that blank. The blank tells us they were in class.

  • Always mark a student "unexcused" in Renweb when you are taking attendance and you don't know why he is absent.

  • For Lower School, Sonya and for Upper School, the academic advisor will determine whether absences are excused or unexcused and communicate that to the teacher. The teacher needs to mark the absence excused in Renweb if it is, indeed, excused.

  • Planned absences require advance notice of at least two class periods from the parent. (There is an excused absence form on "The Nest" for parents under our "forms and resources" tab to fill out.)


  • If a student is tardy to class, please send him or her to the front desk to obtain an admission slip to class. Students who are tardy must serve a 10-minute detention after school the same day, unless it causes a hardship for the parent; then they will serve their detention the next day.

  • The teacher can determine if a tardy is excused or unexcused and mark it appropriately in the attendance book. Three unexcused tardies count as one unexcused absence, but that is just FYI. You don't need to mark anything for three. You just need to know that unexcused tardies are serious.



Guidelines for Kitchen/Teacher Workroom

  • No student use of the kitchen (even staff children)

  • No student use of the copier in the teacher workroom for personal homework

Lesson Plans

  • Please have your lesson plans done by Thursday night for the following week

  • Please remember that once the week begins your lesson plans should not change except to remove items. Also, email your class if you are going to make any changes. Remember, Renweb is final and we want our parents to be confident in what they will be working on throughout the week.

If you did not have time to get to something during class time you have these options:

  • Drop the activity or add it to a future school day the next week

  • Make it optional for the parents for home day

If parents cannot see details about grades on the Progress Reports:

  1. Go to the Grade Book.

  2. Click on "options." It's the cog icon in the top right.

  3. Scroll down until you see "Preferences."

  4. Change "Web Progress Report" from "Disabled" to "Full Details."

  5. Remember that for English that includes separate lesson plans for grammar, writing, reading, spelling and handwriting, you need only change ELAR.



School Calendar

Upper School Teachers

Tests and Projects Calendar

If you know you will have a unit test or a major project due please write it in on that day on the Google Tests and Projects calendar.  If you have weekly tests or quizzes, those do not need to be put on this calendar, just the major ones.

  1. To get to the calendar, find the app drawer at the top right of your screen when you are signed into Google. (From mail, Docs, or any Google app)

  2. You will see "My calendars" on the left. Click on the Tests and Projects calendar and choose "Display only this calendar."

  3. Now choose the month view at the top right of the screen. Notice that every three Saturdays, the instructions appear for this calendar. You can click on them when you forget.

  4. On the day of your test or project due date, write the grade, subject and description. Example: 7th English test. DO NOT ENTER A TIME. We want your test/project to be recorded as an all-day event, because if someone looks at the hour-by-hour version of the calendar, they would need to scroll through the whole day to see your event.

  5. We should have no more than 2 tests/projects per day for the same grade and no more than 4 a week.

Make Up Tests

If a student has scored below a 70 on a test, you may give him or her the option to retake the test. You can give him the same test if you want, because on a retake, the maximum score he can make is a 70. Give the student a deadline to take the test.

If a student missed a test or needs to retake one:    

  1. Put the unused test into the Make Up Test folder in the teacher's workroom. It's at the top in the middle of the mail slots.

  2. The absent student should come at the makeup test time, which is 8:15-10 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays in Addison. Kim Martin will proctor and return the completed test to the "Make Up Test" folder.

  3. If that time does not work for the student, then the student will need to make arrangements with the teacher at the teacher's discretion. Often a student will have a study hall period when he can take the test. We do not normally allow students to miss lunch or PULSE or chapel.


Last Class of the Day

Teachers, please walk your class to pick up zone if it is the last class of the day for those students. If you have a class the very next hour, have any student without a waiting car return to the lobby.

Recording Final Exam Grades

Here are the instructions for entering your final exam grades into Renweb:

1. Go to "My Classroom"

2. Choose the class.  

3.  Choose the drop down menu choice: "Report Card Class." 

4. In the upper left hand corner, where you see "time frame" there is a drop down menu, choose, "Exam 1."

5.  You should enter a percentage grade for your final, out of 100% in the box that says "DISPLAY."

Your semester grade is calculated as 40% from quarter 1, 40% from quarter 2, and 20% from the final exam.  Renweb does this calculation for you, however, for you to see it all calculated, you will need to load the report card from the grade book.  

To load your own report card (otherwise we do it for you)

1. In classroom, open your class,  Go to the "gradebook" drop down menu.

**Be sure to hit recalculate before loading.

2.  In the upper right hand corner is an icon that says, "report card load." 

3. Choose the current term. (T2 is quarter 2.)  The previous term should already be loaded.

Guiding Verse: 1 Corinthians 3:5-9

What then is Apollos? What is Paul? Servants through whom you believed, as the Lord assigned to each. I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor. For we are God's fellow workers. You are God's field, God's building.