FAQs for Teachers

  • Day off: I need to request for a day off. What is the process?
    • A request for time off form is located here on The Nest. Please complete and give to Becky Howard ( place in her in box). Once approved, you will receive an email. Please send your lesson plans and instructions on where to find needed materials to Becky Howard so she can pass on to your sub.


  • Sick: I am ill and cannot teach today. Who and how do I call?
    • Text Amy Smith at 469-525-7364 as soon as you know you will need a sub. We would like to hear from you the night before if there is any possibility you may not be in the next day. It is difficult to find subs on short notice, but we understand it happens.


  • Reimbursement: I have purchased something for my classroom and would like reimbursement.
    • Before the purchase, please check with Becky Howard and make sure it is within your budget. Once confirmed, you may complete the expense form located under "forms and resources" of this site and drop it in her in box for reimbursement. All reimbursements must be less than 60 days old and must be pre-approved.


  • Need supplies/furniture: I need or am missing something in my classroom. Who do I contact?
    • Come look in Savannah and in the teacher workroom. They are an excellent place to start.