Supply Lists 2019/20


Lower School: Any brand, rolling or not, small sized backpack is recommended. Use the same kind you have been using at GCA over the years. Textbooks will stay home so that students carry mostly just the workbooks back and forth to school.

Upper School: Any brand, small to mid-size. We request that you NOT get a rolling backpack. If you already have one, use it, but all backpacks should be small to mid-sized. Our space to store backpacks during the day is limited. Some books will stay at home so that students’ backpack loads are lightened.

Book List 2019/20

Online bookstore

Here is the link to the online bookstore:

All of our book lists are online at Efollet for an easy option of purchasing all your books from the same place and having them shipped straight to you. You may also get the names and ISBNs of the books from the book list and purchase them wherever you wish.

If your student is in Upper School, you can find his schedule on ParentsWeb.