Supply Lists 2019/20

Book List 2019/20

The book list will not be finalized until mid-June. Please check back.

Currently, we have a preliminary book list for those who want to shop resales and such early, However, this is NOT a final list. There might be additions and subtractions from this list. Please pay special attention to the paragraphs at the top. This is the best information we can give you for now and it will be updated before the Upper School Book Resale. This list and the update that replaces it will be published here on The Nest.

Online bookstore

This will be the link to the online bookstore, which, as of May 13, 2019, is not up to date:

All of our book lists will be online at Efollet for an easy option of purchasing all your books from the same place and having them shipped straight to you. You may also get the names and ISBNs of the books from the book list and purchase them wherever you wish.