• Students should wear uniforms to school, even on days that they don’t have classes.


  • For unexpected absences, email attendance@gcafrisco.org by 8 a.m. of the day of an absence due to illness.

  • For planned absences, submit the form linked at left (also on The Nest under Forms and Resources) at least two class days prior to the absence.

  • Upper School only: Please be aware that our attendance policy, as stated in the Parent/Student Handbook, is that three unexcused absences in one semester will result in a letter grade drop in the course. For a class that meets three times a week, more than six absences, whether excused or unexcused, will result in a grade of “incomplete.” For high school students, this means no course credit is given. You can read the entire attendance policy in the Parent/Student Handbook.

  • For a quick look at the policies regarding makeup work for unexcused absences, click on Forms and Resources.

  • To see the complete attendance policy, view the Parent/Student Handbook.

Car Line Drop-off and Pick-up

Enter in the east driveway (where the arrow directs you to drive in, as usual).

Unless you have been personally contacted to tell you otherwise, drop off and pick up by the GREEN cones north of the school building:

  • Last name starts with A-L: Drive around to the WEST SIDE of the school.

  • Last name starts with M-Z: EAST SIDE of school.

All: Load and Unload on the side of the car closest to the school building.

If you have a Lower School and an Upper School student, your younger student may be dropped off at the same time to wait inside, but the privilege can be revoked if behavior is unruly.

Pick Up Authorization

  • You can authorize another person to pick up your child, via ParentsWeb. Instructions here.

  • Or you can fill out a paper form and give it to the front desk. Form here.

Early Pick Up

If you need to pick up a child from school, either early or right at 3:00 and cannot wait through the car line for any reason, please click HERE to alert us to your need.

  1. Your student will be sent to the front desk at the time for pick up and will wait on the black bench by the east doors. You can park and come to the east doors, wait outside, and your child will be released to you by a GCA staff member. Please bring your car line sign in your hand to the doors.

  2. The GCA lobby is not open to extra visitors while the students are exiting the building for the car line, due to security reasons.  

Pick Up from after-school activities

  • If your student goes to Destination Imagination, band, basketball, or any after-school activity, he or she will be released from class directly to the activity.

  • Please pick up your other students in the car line as usual. GCA does not provide after school supervision for siblings of students in clubs and activities.  

  • Students should take ALL of their belongings and bags out of the gym immediately after school. These items can be placed against the wall outside the ladies restroom in the lobby.

  • If you prefer to wait on the property while your student participates in the after-school activity, the playground and picnic tables are open to you as well as the back grassy area, picnic tables and swings. Please pick up your other children in the car line first and then you may park and use the outdoor facilities at GCA at your own risk.

  • If you need to enter the building to use a restroom, please accompany your child and use the lobby restrooms.  

  • If you are a DI volunteer or teacher, please sign in at the front desk before 3:00 and proceed to your club room.  

  • GCA home basketball games will soon be starting, and you will be welcome to come in and cheer on our GCA Eagles on Thursday game days.  

  • The lobby is cleaned after school for the next group and is not available as a waiting area.

  • The gym is not available for an open gym time after school due to basketball scheduling and our liability and staffing.

Student drivers & their riders

  • Students who drive to school with another student or on their own should park on the east side and walk to join the “drop off” line.  Do not cut through the lobby. Students may not wait in the parking lot or in cars.

  • After school, student drivers are expected to pack up and leave the building and the parking lot within five minutes after their last class.

  • Any student not attending an after school activity should be picked up in the car line or should exit the building with their driver by five minutes after their last class.

Makeup Tests (or retakes) for Upper School

Make up test times for 2019-2020 will be announced.

Students should check in at the front desk and then report to the testing room for their test. Other times MIGHT be available but are not guaranteed; students can make other arrangements with their teacher at the teacher's discretion. The maximum score on a retake is 70%. Students have a limited number of days to makeup or retake a test. For policies and deadlines on makeups and retakes, click HERE.

Volunteer hours

Beginning the summer after 8th grade, each student should record his or her own hours spent volunteering in various capacities. All those service hours add up and will appear on the high school transcript that prospective colleges and universities receive.

Here is how to document your service hours (volunteer hours): In ParentsWeb, go to Family Information; choose the student; select SERVICE HOURS from the menu at the top of the page; select ADD SERVICE HOURS.

You should be as specific as possible without being wordy when you name the organization you volunteered for and describe your activities. What prints on the transcript is simply the number of hours, but if a university asks for documentation, you can present your records from ParentsWeb. (Hours recorded earlier than summer after 8th grade year will not be calculated in the total represented on the high school transcript.)