Learning how to honor God

Through the vehicle of sports, our students learn how to honor the Lord in all that they do. We offer basketball and track for Middle School and High School girls and boys (grades 6-12). High school students receive half a credit in athletics for each season of sports in which they fully participate. Our coaches are committed Christians who lead our students by sharing what God has done and can do in their lives. We follow TCAF rules for sports eligibility.

Every parent of an athlete must read and sign the Athletic Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines. Turn in your signed page to Mrs. Cari McCorkle.

Athletic Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Basketball player information & parent signature page

Athletic fees

Fall & Winter Basketball


2019-2020 Practice Schedule will be announced here.


See Athletics calendar on this website.

Spring Track & Field

For 6th-12th grades, Spring Semester, more information to come.
Practice on weekday afternoons.
Meets on Saturdays. Some travel required.