Tuition & Fees

Here are the tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 school year. We encourage you to pray and seek the Lord's direction concerning your involvement with Grace Covenant Academy. If you believe that God is calling you to GCA, but find finances to be a stumbling block, then please contact us to discuss potential financial aid opportunities.

Full Time Tuition*

Elementary (K): $5,243

Elementary (1-3): $ 5,449

Elementary (4-5): $ 5,502

Middle School (6-8):  $ 6,438

High School (9-12): $ 6,916



  • $125/student for applications received January 1 - April 1

  • $275/student for applications received April 2 - December 31

New Student Enrollment: $375/student

Current Student Re-Enrollment: $225/student:

  • Deadline: March 1. After March 1, pay new student enrollment fee.

Graduation: $200

2019-2020 Part Time Tuition and Individual Class Prices*


Part time option not available for Elementry.

Band: $600 yr

Middle School

6th grade: Language Arts: $2100

6th grade: History: $1050/course

6th grade Science: $1050/course

6th grade Math: $1250/course

American History: $1050/course

Texas History: $1050/course

Bible: $1050/course

Starting Points: $1225/course

Earth Science: $1225/course

Life Science: $1050/course

Pre-Algebra: $1250/course

Algebra 1: $1250/course

7th grade English: $1050/course

8th grade English: $1050/course

Clubs & Lunch: $550/year

Study Hall: $550/semester

Band $600/year

High School

IPC: $1275/course

Biology: $1275/course

Chemistry: $1275/course

Physics: $1275/course

Anatomy and Physiology: $1275/course

Consumer Math $1400/course

Algebra 1: $1400/course

Geometry: $1400/course

Algebra 2: $1400/course

Pre-Calculus: $1400/course

Calculus: $1400/course

9th grade English: $1175/course

10th Grade English: $1175/course

American Literature: $1175/course

British Literature: $1175/course

World Literature: $1175/course

Cultural Geography: $1175/course

American History: $1175/course

World History: $1175/course

Government: $600/course

Economics: $600/course

Spanish 1: $1175/course

Spanish 2: $1175/course

Bible: $800/course

Bible/Dual Credit: $1200/ course

ACT Test Prep: $600/course

Speech: $600/course

Personal Leadership: $600/course

Personal Finance: $600/course

Elective/Study Hall: $600/course

Lunch and Clubs: $600/courser

Art: $600/course

Preforming Arts: $600/course


Athletic Fees

We have an athletic fee schedule that provides discounts for families with multiple students in the school. We want to encourage all students to participate in athletics, and we do not want finances to be an obstacle. 

To determine your family's athletic fees, please see below. 

1 Student Athlete - $400

2 Student Athletes - $600

3 or more Student Athletes - $800

Book Fees

Book fees can vary per class. We do our best to keep book fees under $400 per student. Most of the time, parents purchase books for the school year and then resell them at the end of the year.

Payment Deadlines

Application Fee - Due when applying online

Enrollment Fee - Due at enrollment

Testing & Assessment Fee - Included when applying online

Tuition - Due June 1st or at enrollment

Uniforms - Family to purchase before first day of school

Books - Family to purchase before first day of school


  • Tuition is due in full on June 1st.

  • Monthly installment plans can be arranged with automatic draft payments beginning on June 2nd. Third party installment agency will collect a $50 fee for service.

  • Sibling (starting with 3rd child), pastoral, early pay and GCA teacher discounts are available.

  • Financial aid is limited and available based on need, depending on the donation levels of our scholarship fund. You must be admitted before applying for financial aid.

  • All tuition and fees are non-refundable.

  • All fees are per student.

  • Tuition and fees do not include book costs, field trips, special lunches, health screenings, pictures, camps, special events, special activities or other incidental costs.

  • We offer part-time programs for 6th grade and above in addition to our full-time program. Part time students are not eligible for installment plans. Tuition is due in full on June 1st or at enrollment, which ever comes first.

  • If you have any additional questions about tuition and fees, contact Becky at