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UMSI Teacher Training - Videos on this website are made by UMSI teachers and administrators. Each video is full of relevant and useful information that you can apply in the University Model classroom. The videos are sorted into these categories: planning, organization, differentiation. 



GCA Honor Code

Teach Like A Champion - Website for Doug Lemov's book Teach Like A Champion. This website includes books, a blog, video resources, and more. 

Teach Like A Champion: YouTube Playlist This playlist contains nearly 100 videos explaining and demonstrating the various techniques in Teach Like A Champion  by Doug Lemov.

Assertive Discipline Overview (12 minutes) This video provides a concise overview of Lee Canter's Assertive Discipline.

In-Depth Look at Assertive Discipline (23 minutes) A college professor at East Tennessee State University lectures on Assertive Discipline and how to implement it in the classroom or throughout a school.

Agape Management - A fascinating articles, essays, and videos of an upper school English teacher about classroom management for upper school. He shows how he teaches his techniques and routines, classroom set up, etc.. While his classroom philosophy is not specifically Assertive Discipline, his techniques would easily implement in an assertive discipline classroom. For convenience: Agape Management YouTube Channel



Curriculum Trak Support Homepage

Curriculum Trak YouTube Channel - To see all topics relating to Curriculum Trak, visit their YouTube channel.

Overview of Curriculum Trak:

Teacher Training:

Lesson Planner Feature Training:


Haley’s PowerPoint - This PowerPoint is from our teacher in-service and gives an overview of useful technology resources available to you at GCA and on the internet.

TeacherTube - This is the teacher version of YouTube. You can find training videos for yourself or videos to enhance your lesson plans.

Educreations - Free with a signup. Teachers can create lesson videos with voice-over instructions. This would be fantastic for a home day lesson, reinforcement lesson,  or a flipped classroom approach. How to Use the Educreations Video

ViewPure - This website allows you to “clean” YouTube videos that you might want to display in your classroom. Check out their “Teacher Resources” section for lists of clean videos divided by age group and subject area.

Elementary and Middle School Computer Assisted Educational Resources - This website has hundreds of useful resources for nearly every grade level and discipline. While the website is not visually appealing, the content is great. 

Sheppard Software - This website contains hundreds of educational games from every discipline. Teachers could use this website to enhance a lesson with technology, create digital learning centers in the classroom, assign engaging mastery work at home! (Note: Many reviews especially celebrate their geography games!)

Screencastomatic - This free website allows you to record your own screen and voice. This would be useful if you need to create a video for your students that involves information which can be viewed on a computer. Check out a sample video here.

Playposit - Use Playposit with YouTube videos to create interactive lessons at home. Playposit allows you to add formative and summative assessment activities to YouTube videos.



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Planning for Math Centers 1 (Plan like a Pro)

Planning for Math Centers 2 (Let's Get Organized)

Planning for Math Centers 3 (Keeping Students Accountable)

Planning for Math Centers 4 (The Next Step)

Elementary and Middle School Computer Assisted Educational Resources - This website has hundreds of useful resources for nearly every grade level and discipline. This website is not visually appealing, but the content is great.