Marketing Writing

The content and tone of our communications should line up with our brand mantra, personality, and positioning objectives. We want to aim for clarity and purpose in our writing, providing honest and valuable communication. Lastly, we want to speak in the "common" language of our culture. We want to avoid language that the average parent and Christian would not know. However, we want to use Christian terminology in a way that gathers those who understand it. 


When writing any sort of marketing piece (ad, social media, blog, etc.), bring to life the GCA brand personality (see below for more info). Write engaging, though provoking headlines that draw the readers attention.  

Do's and Don'ts


  • Use the names "Grace Covenant Academy" or "GCA" 
  • Use the name "Eagles"
  • Use Christian words when appropriate. Examples include: disciple, evangelize, theology, gospel-centered, word of God, truth, etc.



  • Ever use a different name for the school. Examples include: "Grace," "Grace Academy," "Grace Covenant," etc.
  • Use language that the average parent may not understand
  • Be offensive
  • Forget the target 

About Us

You may need a short blurb stating what Grace Covenant Academy is, why it exists, etc. This can be especially helpful for social media profiles, and many other instances. In those circumstances, please use the following copy. 

Grace Covenant Academy is a school with a grand vision: develop faithful parents, flourishing families, and fruitful disciples. As a K-12, University-Model School, GCA combines the best elements of public, private, and homeschooling into a model that prepares students for college and a lifetime of discipleship. 

Our History 

The way we communicate the history of the school should focus on God's faithfulness and grace to his people. Here is the official way to communicate our school's history. 

Grace is God’s favor to the undeserving. And God has always been faithful and gracious to GCA throughout our history. 

In 2009, six local homeschooling families were overwhelmed with the demands of life and education. Consumed with creating curricula, lesson plans, and the constant concern about whether they were achieving their academic goals, these families struggled with how to balance the demands of education and parenting. 

These families came together around a common vision: to create a school that would combine the important elements of parental mentorship and excellent academic education. Their desire was to serve North Texas families by bearing the burden of schooling, which would free parents to focus on their call as disciple making parents. Out of this desire to serve local families to fulfill their calling, Grace Covenant Academy was born. 

Grace + Covenant + Academy

The name Grace Covenant Academy represents the founding families' commitment to three things. 

Grace represents our belief in the life-changing power of the Gospel, the primary context and reason for education.  The founding families believed that the grace of Jesus Christ should inform all areas of our lives. 

Covenant represents our commitment to work together as a community. These families “covenanted together” to build a viable school community. 

Academy represents our desire for an academically rigorous education that creates college ready students. Their goal from the beginning was to a group of clear thinking, articulate students to represent Christ in the world.

Today, our name reminds us of our heritage and encourages us to proceed in the vision set out by our founding “covenant” families.